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Join us for the first ever
Feminist Futures Copenhagen Hackathon
12-28 April 2023

When we say “Feminist Futures” we are talking about anti-racist, decolonial, accessible, equitable, and just futures for people of all genders and all backgrounds. Our definition of feminism begins with the belief in and the advocacy of the political, social and economic equality of all people.

This hackathon is not an exclusive space for programmers and hackers. We know that hackathons often cater to a very narrow group of individuals with specific backgrounds. We want to counter this by applying a feminist lens in imagining a hackathon that caters to many different people with all their different experiences. This strives to be an inclusive space for anyone and everyone who wants to take part in shaping our collective future. A future where power is challenged (and redistributed), where multiple forms and sources of knowledge are recognised, and where culture is inclusive rather than exclusionary.

Feminism asks us to put a critical eye on institutionalised power, embrace emotion, and think beyond binary structures. It reminds us that we are not individuals moving through the world, but always entangled with other bodies, histories and the non-human world.

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