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We’re an interdisciplinary group of researchers, students, and community advocates passionate about creative collaboration and empowerment. Want to join or collaborate with us? Reach us here: ffcph@itu.dk

Edith Terte (she/her) a mixed filipino and danish woman is wearing a polka dot dress whilst standing in the atrium of the IT University of Copenhagen. The grading of the photo and the way she stands gives away that the photo is staged to be used in professional context. Her hair is long and dark, falling down on her shoulders. Though her glasses take up 1/3 of her face they do leave enough space for a nose ring and a bright smile with teeth.

Edith Terte

Henriette Friis (she/her), a young white woman with a blonde pixie haircut, wearing a bright yellow dress. She is sitting at a table with pink tiles, and she is resting her arms in front of her. Two tattoos are visible on her arms. She is smiling at the camera with her head slightly tilted.

Henriette Friis

Luis (he/him), a mestizo south american man from the andes with short black hair and glasses. Wearing a fun shirt looking straight into the camera feeling a bit uneasy about selfies as I am not used to them. Also, hi!

Luis Landa

Mia Lunding Christensen (she/her), a Danish white woman in her late twenties with shoulder length blond hair, looking straight on into the camera with a slight smile. She is wearing a high neck black and white t-shirt and large blue earrings and is standing in front of a white anonymous wall and the picture is framed as a headshot.

Mia Lunding Christensen

Barbara, an olive-skinned, 30-year-old, cis woman with brown eyes and brown hair. She has freckles on her nose. She wears earrings that resemble coral reefs. The earrings are made of green and pink plastic. She wears a knitted red scarf and a jacket that resembles a detective coat. Behind her, there's a Metacade in a hackerspace called the Metalab, in Vienna. The room feels like an underground artsy space. The light is bright.

Barbara Nino Carreras

Maja Styrk Andersen (she/her) a person with light skin tone, long hair with light highlighters, and rectangular glasses. She is in the middle of a laugh, looking down. There is a beach background.

Maja Styrk Andersen

Lara Reime (she/her) looks in the camera with a big smile. The picture is kept in black and white and the background is blurry. She has light skin and light, shoulderlong hair. She is wearing round glasses, that are barely visible and a black turtleneck. The picture is cut below her shoulders.


Gaurika Singhal (she/her) - a smiling girl with messy black shoulder length hair in a blue denim embroidered shirt, standing in a greenhouse with a computer screen behind her and beautiful creepers all around

Gaurika Singhal

Alberte Bjerke (she/her), a white person with blue eyes, shoulder-long curly dark blond hair with bangs, looking at the camera from a slightly side-angle, smiling. Alberte wears a black mock neck sweater on top of a white shirt, and she has a septum ring piercing in her nose. The background is a monstera plant and a bookcase.

Alberte Bjerke

Janna Aldaraji (she/her), a mixed Iraqi and Moroccan person with an olive skin tone, dark hair that curls with bangs, looking at the screen from a slightly side angle with a subtle smile. She wears a black sleeveless top, has two nose rings in her left nostril, and on the right shoulder you can see the edges of a tattoo. The background is a subdued purple colour.

Janna Aldaraji

Maya Ellen Hertz (they/them), a white person with brown, curly hair, looks at the camera from a side-angle. Maya wears an oversized white t-shirt with dark green lettering, and sits against an orange couch. Their arm is raised above their head, showing a tattoo on their arm.

Maya Ellen Hertz

Photo of Eva where is facing the camera and the a lake can be seen behind her. The sun shines quite strongly.

Eva Duran Sánchez

Mai Hartmann (she/her), a white woman with bleached blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses and slightly red flushed skin. As instructed by her photographer/partner, her face is turned to the side towards the light and she is flashing a subtle LinkedIn-friendly smile.

Mai Hartmann

Jessamy Perriam

Marisa Cohn

Sanna-Maria Marttila