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We believe in sharing and collaboration. That's why we have decided to share as many of the resources developed for the hackathon as possible. We hope you enjoy this collection of inspiring readings, recordings from the hackathon, and more.

Kick-off event

On Wednesday 12th of April 2023 we officially kicked off the hackathon in ScrollBar at the IT-University. Participants, partners, mentors and organisers were finally all in the same room, and it was so wonderful to meet everyone. The event was recorded by IT University of Copenhagen and is available through their channel. However, we have also made the recording available here on the website.


This hackathon is structured around a journey of four steps. For each step, the participants received a toolkit full of resources to use for their projects. The toolkits both include questions for reflection, readings, videos, and websites to explore.

Feminist Futures CPH 2023 showcase

This is the showcase of the 11 projects that emerged from the Feminist Futures Copenhagen hackathon 2023. We hosted the showcase on April 28th at SPACE10 in Copenhagen. The presentations were meant as short teasers to the exhibition which took place later that same day. The showcase was hosted by Henriette Friis and Mia Lunding Christensen from Feminist Futures Copenhagen.