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Commoning the Archive

The archive can be easily traced to the justification of colonialism and violence against black, brown and indigenous people. As a tool it can hold a lot of power in documenting a version of history and experience. This track wants to ask how could we reimagine archival practices? What could we gain in documenting our movements and struggles? The archival practice we dream of is fragmented and incomplete. It is a space to share knowledge. It is a space of disorder. This track wonders if through the archive we might make links to understanding that we are all deeply implicated to one another. How can we nurture active archives that move us to act on the knowledge of our connections. To be companions in finding solutions, in sharing skills, distributing resources. What if the archive took the body as a starting point? The body we mean might start with us as individuals but always transcends beyond to the collective. It is then a gathering of hope, of struggles, of frustration and of love. We are honoured to have Another Life as the track partner. Another Life is an award-winning nonprofit association working to increase representation and improve conditions for women and minoritised individuals and groups within Danish music and culture. Through reports, the association creates data and shares knowledge about representation and discrimination in the Danish music industry. The association does various projects that convert knowledge into tangible methods and tools to give those working in the industries the right skills to work with broad intersectional representation and discrimination. The association also does projects and festivals that strive to give a platform and opportunities to underrepresented people within music and culture. Read more about Another Life's work by clicking here or visit their Instagram. The external mentor for this track is Nina Cramer. Read more about her work by clicking here