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Bodies of Care

In this track, we are engaging with questions of how to recenter care and bodies in living with technologies. In a time where it seems one global crisis is stacking on top of the next, we want to rethink how we care for our bodies, environments, and technologies. Under data-capitalism our bodies become increasingly entangled in assemblages with data and technologies, either volunteering or pressured into self-tracking practices (e.g., fitbit or menstrual cycle tracking), or increased datafication of our lives and bodies through e.g., government institutions or healthcare services. In these practices, bodies tend to become reduced to quantitative data and detached from the experiences of living in those bodies. In this track we want to investigate how to reframe care, slowness, laziness and rest away from optimization and productivity by reimagining caring/careful technologies. We are engaging with questions of how to bring bodily temporalities back into technologies and how to care for tech and bots. The partner organisation is Softer, read more about their work by clicking here. The external mentors for this track are Nanna W├╝rtz Kristiansen & Sara Dahlman. Read more about their work by cliking here